Love and Peace, Archangel Chamuel, angel of the week

Sunday May 10th Angel of the Week
Archangel Chamuel. Love and Peace
Find the inner peace and inner self love. Elicit loving behavior and loving solutions. Love Mother and Father God. Love is the power that exists. It’s light shines away any unwanted darkness. Hold the intention of looking for examples of this light. Knowledge is power and the fountain of peace. Call upon God to be more peaceful. Love is the essence of life. It is the goal of your journey and it is also the Path that you are walking on earth. We feel the love by the love they create in our hearts, angels, guides, masters, god, the creator, humans and all creatures. There is no diversity.
Become the tangible manifestation of Love on earth, and you will forget all your human problems and limitations. May this mantra of all my angels in embodiment become also your own mantra:
I AM the power of healing and comforting love in all that I do.
For only Love can set me free.
For Love I AM and Love I live;
This is the allness that I give.
To each man-child the spark is given
Twill rend the veil and bring to heaven. ~
Archangel Chamuel is the cosmic angelic master of the most beautiful, peaceful and loving relationships between people. He helps in resolution of the conflicts between nations, neighbors, families and couples by spreading an irresistible rose fragrance of infinite love over them.
(Heather Maria)

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5-10-20 angel of the week


Chamuel (2)
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3 thoughts on “Love and Peace, Archangel Chamuel, angel of the week

  1. Thank you HEather for your inspirational post. I needed to hear your loving words today and bathe in the light of the angels.

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  2. My mantra has been I am love. I choose love. I radiate love! Thank you for your uplifting blog and for sharing your wisdom!

    Liked by 1 person

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