Green Tara May 2020

Goddess of Friday. Tara. Green Tara embodies the state that overcomes fear and allows us to take action on what we know is right. She changes suffering into liberation. She has lived lifetime after lifetime with honor and respect. She is all encompassing, passes no judgment, and commences with nothing but love. She made a vow to this Universe to always remain true. She respects the ways of the Universe and does not go against them for selfish gain, no matter what that may be. She is honest and full of integrity, and she offers that to this land. Her color green signifies vigor and vitality. She is the purity of life force. She has no ego. Her ideas come from her heart. They create inspired action. Her wisdom is unmatched in the eyes of the Universe. If Tara has a message for you, you know it is truthful.
Today she offers the guidance of meditation to know your next step. The Goddess Realm states ~ “We as the Goddesses know life can be exciting, but sometimes you must step back to see if you are on the right path.”
Channeled by Heather Maria
Full readings available for a charge if feeling the need for guidance.

Tara 3 april 2020 (2)


Goddess Messages Book April 2020 paperback

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