Card Reveal for the Month of May 2020

card reveal 5-3-20 1

Card Reveal for the month of May choose 1, 2, or three. Left to right is Blue Calcite, Ruby in Fuchsite and Rose Quartz. This is a 2 card draw from spirit. The one you choose will have 2 messages, two cards. The entire 6 card spread is the Tarot spread for May. See your personal messages with your choice.

The first week in May is the beginning of significant change.

Below is the card reveal photo and messages:

card reveal 5-4-20 2

Cards #1 Blue Calcite- Archangel Jeremiel Archangel Azrael. The main message is All is well, you are being watched over & guided. Everything is happening as it is supposed to. Hidden blessings will be revealed you will soon understand. With the blue calcite it is important to listen to where you are guided. It may come from you intuition, from your guides, or from an earth angel message/messenger. If you are guided towards assistance listen carefully to what you feel and hear. Be the seeker and not the one being sought. You may be guided to council someone or you may be guided to seek out some form of guidance or assistance. You will receive reassurance and or guidance. Tune into either archangel and gemstone to hear your natural guidance concerning this message.
If you need any assistance I would be happy to help.

Cards #2 Ruby Fuchsite Archangel Azrael & Archangel Haniel. I bring you comfort in your time of need, to assist you with what you need. Notice how the moon cycles affect you. Moon is waxing with focus upon intentions, energy and manifestations. Pay attention to your guidance. What appears for you? Connect with these 2 powerful angels with the fuchsite in ruby. If you need assistance I am happy to help.
Journal, meditate, ask, be willing to give and receive in balance. Many messages await.

Cards #3 and Rose Quartz take back your power and remember who you are. Archangel Raziel & Archangel Michael. It is time to remember who you are and use your God given power to bring in blessings for yourself and for others. Trust the perfect way will be there. For some you may need to get out of your own way. You are loved and being guided to listen. Do not be guided down the wrong path. Listen to your blessings, to your angels. You have a deeper connection to your angels than your guides. They bring comfort, compassion and messages. Offer to listen.
If you need any assistance I would be happy to help.

*I’d love to hear what you chose and how it resonates for you if you choose to share.


Below are photos of The Angel intention and prayer bracelets along with their special oils.  Each available for purchase.  (oils are all natural and non toxic)

Jeremiel (2)

Haniel (2)

Michael (2)

Raziel (2)

Azrael (2)
Archangel Azrael, Divine Oil available, not pictured.

If you would like a detailed personal tarot reading or astrology reading I would love to create one specifically for you.  Feel free to inquire.


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