Happy Beltane, Goddess of May ~ Pele

Every month I choose a Goddess of the month with a message, or rather, she chooses me.

Goddess of the Month Pele. Welcome to May and to Beltane. Divine Passion. Perfect Card for the month. “Be honest with yourself, What is your heart’s true desire?” Listen to the sound of your own inner wisdom. What part do you ignore? What part do you acknowledge? If it doesn’t excite you in some way, it’s not for you. Remember your own inner self. Do not be drawn into something or pulled into something that is not in your alignment. We all have a highest good. Pele is here to tell us to listen.
With wisdom, you will be drawn to what resonates with your soul. Listen to your guides and listen to you inner self. Your guides are her to guide you, but ultimately you are your own self. Merging the old with the new is a beautiful expression. Be honest with yourself where that lies. Patterns are wonderful but sometimes they can cause you to become stuck as well as remain stuck for as long as you are stuck in the wrong pattern, a pattern not in your highest good. Get in touch with Pele or another human who resonates with you only in your highest good. This will help you to get in touch with your true passion and connect with what Spring is really about, (or this time of year where ever you reside.) Connect with someone who can help you shift and change your mindset, motivation or encouragement. Someone who can honestly support you. A give and receive. We always want to remain in balance of that. Many people need honest assistance and it is not proper or as Pele would say, Pure, to assist without the highest good in mind for everyone. Remember what the Fire teaches us, compassion, love on every level, and to give and receive to keep everything alive. If you need any help or support please reach out to me.

Pele 5-1-2020



Heather Maria is a High Priestess, Shaman, Reiki Master, Divine Feminine Author, Spiritual and Holistic Wellness Coach, Writer, Poetess, Photographer, Creator of Divine Holistic Care Products and packages, and Published Author.  Her energy work and divine guidance creates balance for the world.  She works specifically with the mind, body, spirit and soul.  Her sacred connection to the Divine allows for deep insights.  She believes in whole health, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Intuitively gifted since birth, she is a natural healer who teaches about life and all the possibilities within. Within that, she encourages and inspires others to lead the life they were always meant to live and lead a happier healthier life.  Her healing art touches lives across the world. 

I’d love to connect with you if you would like to talk.  

8 thoughts on “Happy Beltane, Goddess of May ~ Pele

  1. What better time than now to listen to this message! Thanks for sharing it.

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  2. I love the goddess deck, Heather Maria and have utilized it many times for guidance. This is an accurate card for this time of inner reflection; what is your heart’s true desire? Thanks for your wisdom! Many Blessings, Lisa

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  3. I appreciate how you choose a goddess for each month; I follow the angel for the month. I also learned more about Beltane as she’s been showing up in many places for me…must be my Celtic ancestry which is drawing me the isles.

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  4. Christin Bjergbakke May 6, 2020 — 6:59 pm

    thank you for this message – it resonates beautifully with my own process this month

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  5. Wonderful message Heather Maria. I listen to my inner guidance as it never steers me wrong. My inner blueprint know exactly what I need and when I need it. Bliss-full Blessings to you!

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