Celebrating the Release of my New Book! Goddess Messages A Book of Love

I’m excited to share that my long time dream of becoming a Published Author has come true!  Just in time for my birthday, World Book Day, and Earth Day!
Goddess Messages A Book of Love available on Amazon in paperback and kindle.
Goddess Messages Book April 2020 paperback
a book of beautiful inspirational messages 
A book of 63 Channeled Goddess Messages full of light and love. For 63 days 42 Goddesses chose to speak from November 10, 2019 until January 11, 2020 when the portal of Isis opened. On November 11th a portal began to ascend us individually and collectively as spiritual beings taking us into the New Year of 2020, the year of compassion. The Goddesses chose to share important messages with the world. Each of the 63 messages hold such great significance that they can be journaled or meditated upon. The messages can be read one at a time, or read as a whole. Each day and date has significance in the eyes of divine numerology, something well known by the Goddesses.
These sacred goddesses such as Mary Magdalene, Kwan Yin, Isis, Kali, Tara, Danu, Lakshmi, and Athena bring the truth through light, love and wisdom.
Even if you know nothing about these goddesses, their messages are meant to bridge the gap of humanity. We are all spiritual beings in our heart, what this brings forth is a way to learn and re-learn about life. The Goddesses and these messages allow us to remember. The messages give us spiritual tools for change, mind, body, spirit and soul.
I’d love for you to read it and hear what you think.
I’m so proud to have done this one on my own. During the time of the stay at home and stay safe, I used this time to accomplish what I have always wanted to do. 
I’d love for you to purchase a copy.
Heather Maria
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Thank you for sharing this with others.  I greatly appreciate your support.

Heather Maria is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, a Reiki Master and an intuitive empath who provides Divine Inspiration, Encouragement, Wellness and Wisdom which is meant to explain your life and inspire you to live the life you were always meant to live. She is an old soul, High Priestess and Shaman. Her Holistic Products and Services provide support. Her healing art inspires the world.
She is extremely knowledgeable about Holistic Health, Apothecary, Essential Oils, Energy Work, Health Care, Angel, Oracle and Tarot cards, Astrology, crystals, gemstones, birth right, numerology, Chakras, herbs, ancient history and this world. Her passion is to heal, inspire, encourage and support others to help them heal and move forward mind, body, spirit and soul. Her heart is with mental, emotional, physical as well as spiritual wellness, heart wellness. Everything stems from the heart and everyone who meets her knows this is what she lives by. She is kind, compassionate and loving. Her handmade gifts, photography, crafts and holistic wellness products are designed through love and light. She is a divine feminine author with a soon to be published children’s book.

7 thoughts on “Celebrating the Release of my New Book! Goddess Messages A Book of Love

  1. It is an accomplishment to self publish, I know! Congratulations, Heather Maria, you must be proud to birth your first book. This sounds like an interesting topic. I will share this blog. I wish you much success and blessings, Lisa xoxo

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  2. Congratulations on your book and may you have a wonderful celebration for your birthday and Earth Day! What a powerful and joyful time!

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  3. Congrats Heather…what a wonderful gift to the world you are! Excited for you my friend and wishing you a joyous and beautiful birthday! ❤

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  4. So happy for you! What an exciting time for you. Can’t wait to give it a read. Happy, Happy Birthday!

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  5. Congratulations Heather Maria on this significant accomplishment and for making a dream come true! I look forward to reading your special and sacred book!Happy happy birthday!

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  6. BRAVA! BRAVA! BRAVA! This is no simple accomplishment–I have shared with our Writer’s VisionQuest group page.
    How are you celebrating today?

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  7. Congratulations Heather Maria. I’m so proud of you and the new book you’ve birthday just in time for your birthday and Earth Day. The messages in your book need to be read right now as humanity struggles to survive this global crisis. God Bless You.

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