Who is the Ultimate Feminine Divine

Some Feminine Wisdom to help our hearts.

Released February 19, 2020 by Crystal Cockerham I wrote an article for her page.


Forgiveness is something I worked on for a long time.
While I did not use the word physically in my article,the word encompasses the Divine and Divinity.

When you forgive with compassion and grace, you are the ultimate divine.
When you allow in love you are supreme.

When you take your own personal journey, you break free from the illusion of chains and become free. I have worked with many people to help them understand this. It is the care that we give to this world that is important. If you need help with anything we can talk. I have a variety of ways to assist, and it all begins with a conversation.

Please click on the link to read the article. Free free to lend a comment.

On my main page HeatherMaria123.com offered at the top is a Free PDF to Detoxify.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with me to heal.
Through education and wellness we can change this world.

If you need to shift your mindset, become educated, physically heal, or open your heart I offer assistance via email, zoom, at a distance healing, or by telephone.


R-evolve 2020

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