God: The Denial

Shamanism never defied
God Reiki never denied God
Native Americans never denied God
Spiritually never denied God
This Earth never defied God
Love never denied God, Love was never not God
One plane, one Earth, who failed?

Many people ask questions.

God speaks to those who listen and to those who don’t.
God is the One. Your ideology of no God is why.
God is divine, God is Love, God is merciful but God is not weak. God is a force that works through Miracles. Denial is why ie Spiritual Bypass Gaslighting
To those it concerns: to those who deny God: Listen to yourself and your so called gaslighting spiritual warriors and the ideology you pass. God does not stand by and listen. If you hear this message properly, you will know it. The word Stop has fallen upon deaf ears. The denial of God will fail you. Your choices in life will be the outcome. Continuing to deny and defy God is why. I listen to God and I speak. Love WILL NOT fall on deaf ears. This goes to the entire World.

If you want to start talking about the mass awakening, the mass awakening is God, don’t get it wrong ie the ones who label themselves spiritual ie 2012 ie the denial of God.

Before you decide to follow someone who says the are spiritual ask yourself if they believe in God. Before you decide to say you are spiritual, ask yourself if you believe in God. If you have fear, don’t. It is detrimental to believe someone who does not believe in God, it is detrimental to believe someone who pretends to. It is detrimental to say you are spiritual and not believe in God. It is gaslighting.

A true warrior knows his or herself and a true spiritual warrior knows God. A true spiritual warrior is of Divinity and nothing else.

If you are lonely, remember, you might have forgotten God.

If you are frightened or scared, go to God. There is nothing God cannot handle.

Affirmations: Be true to your intentions.

In Closing,
Love God


2020 4

8 thoughts on “God: The Denial

  1. I am a strong believer and have found my relationship to God strengthened at this time.

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    1. Wonderful 🙏🏻🌹 the light of that shows

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  2. I believe it is my daily spiritual practices and belief in God that is helping me stay resilient at this difficult time, Heather Maria.

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  3. I find that if I sit very still and listen with an open heart, I can always hear what God’s message is to me.

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    1. An open heart makes everything easier, and is good for your health as well as your mind. Stillness alway supports that ♥️ Thank you for sharing.


  4. I have believed in God all my life. Not the God I was taught by different people to believe, but the God of my knowing. We are one and without God, it would be a lonely journey on this Earth Plane…

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    1. ♥️I had a conversation with someone today about just that, people feeling lonely without God, thank you for sharing 💜

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