Saint Martin, message from God


Today’s message from God.  Saint Martin Caballero, the Patron Saint of Charity.  We are taught to break down barriers around the heart.  We teach humanity to open up to accepting kindness and the unexpected help of strangers and the Universe.  Clairvoyance and premonitions have always been a part of our history.  During time of need, human angels are always present.  From something small to something large, God’s angels hear you.  Passion is a virtue from God.  What move you, what inspires you, is what you are meant for, not the other way around.  Innate ability is not something that is taught it is something that is given, something endured for lifetimes.  We are all Saints and Angels in our own right.  When we open up to that and open up to God, our life flows how it is meant to, and more.  God reminds us how to live a life of service through noticing the simplicities in life and by giving back.  It is a sincere gratitude to give and to receive.  What is it that you need?  What is it that you can give?  What is it that you need help with?  Let’s share our stories.


Heather Maria

August 2019

Divine Intuitive, Angel Master 

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