The Truth, a viewpoint the world needs to hear.

There is something I strive to say every day.  I want people to live in truth.
There are so many askew viewpoints out there.  One one side I have people based in reality.
On the other side I have people based in the ethereal.  And on both sides there are so many askew viewpoints based in lies.
Then I see this fake “God” coming around creating more and more askew viewpoints.
I was going to write a blog of a letter to the spiritual community to be aware of this.
Then I was going to speak to those more based in reality to let them know that this still affects them as well.
Somedays I don’t write it because ultimately what I want is a final solution to it.  A garden type entity trying to play God that plays itself out through the ethereal.  It’s affecting everyone’s life path, even if you are on your life path this entity affects it.  I can see it clear as day.  Up until now I captured and askew viewpoint and didn’t remember that it wanted to play God.  God is there but there is a bounce back from this entity, this “fake god” it’s just an entity and shouldn’t be allowed to grow any bigger than that.  It’s what’s wrong with the world though.  I know in my heart I could write for days and I can write the truth from the beginning of creation until the now and beyond.  Depending on how you look at it I am one who connects to the true divine and I see how this entity has spilled out into this world.   In my mind the only way is to get rid of it.  In my mind there has been too many years ignoring it while it still spills out into the world.  I know in my heart we will find our true selves because it will be gone.  And while I know it is not my fault I am sorry, I feel sorry that this world has had this spilled out into it.  Because I knew it back then.  I only write this in hopes that everyone will understand.  And you know what’s even more sad…everytime I write something, no matter what it is, that “fake god” comes around with emotions and an askew viewpoint of how my words have been written and how they will be viewed.  It’s not an ego like this fake god, garden type entity would have me or any of us believe.  It’s like an ethereal parasite.  It’s not attached.  But it askews all the viewpoints God would share and it has a harmful view of humans.  the truth

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