Mary Magdalene the Goddess of March and word of wisdom

Mary Magdalene the Goddess of March with a special message
“You know you love yourself. You love yourself no matter what the outward appearance may be, not matter what your outward appearance may be. You are divine, you are special and you are perfect. No one truly looks at you otherwise. True compassion lies within. You already see yourself through the eyes of your soul. The noise, the static, that’s not you. You are divine. The noise, the static, it wants to condition you, it wants to tell you that you aren’t good enough, that you don’t do enough. Ignore it. It just static, it’s not you. You chose to come back to to earth, and it wasn’t to listen to the static. Be that of yourself, not that of the static.” Mary
How much better would this world be if it did not listen to the noise and static?

It’s not even noise of this earth or noise of this world, it’s just noise and static, it’s just static. It only wants to interfere. Love yourself, there is no conditions on love. Love is love in many forms, none of it being conditional. The world was built on love, this earth was built on love, this universe was built on love, everything was built on love. Everything else that seems like it is not is just static. The static interferes and sometimes that becomes noise that comes out of a person’s mouth. It’s not us, it’s not you, it’s not them. Sometimes that static interferes so much it wants you to forget who you are. That’s why there are so many of us here helping others to remember, helping you to remember. If you listen to the static, it’s purpose it to throw you off your path. We have to remember it’s just noise. Unfortunately it came to a point of deciphering lies from truth. But it’s just noise, it’s not what’s in your heart, it’s not who you are. When you remember that, you will know nothing has ever changed.

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**I appreciated this message this morning.  I sat within my soul after taking some time for myself yesterday. I feel it’s something we as a whole especially need to hear.
For me it creates an understanding. I connect with Mary and all the Goddesses often. The static and noise can make you feel like you forget yourself. But you never do. And that is why I always take the time for myself and to connect with the Divine. I sat with this message today. It’s something I have thought of often throughout my years. I see how it affect the world and I see how it affects lives. It’s true, your heart always knows the truth and it’s unfortunate how much noise and static can affect everything sometimes to the point of even feeling like it affects love. It always seems to affect communication and for me that’s one of the most difficult things, because if we don’t communicate, we have nothing. We are left sitting in our hearts feeling empty. Or at least that is what the noise would tell us…

August 2019

Heather Maria is a High Priestess, Shaman, Reiki Master, Divine Feminine Author, Writer, Poetess, Photographer, Creator of Holistic Care and Wellness Products and packages as well as a soon to be Published Children’s Author.  She is an intuitive empath who has a passion for healing, inspiration and helping others. Her energy work and art creates balance for the world.  She works specifically with the mind, body, spirit and soul.  She has a sacred connection to the Divine which allows for deep insights.  Intuitively gifted since birth, she is a natural healer who teaches about life and all the possibilities within. Her healing art touches lives across the world.
Mary’s bracelet.  The first one I created after sitting with her.  It has helped me in ways unexplainable.

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