I Am Presence, the power of soul and the power of divinity

3-3-20 Michael

Angel of the Week Archangel Michael Angel of Atlantis with the
I Am Presence.
The I Am Presence ultimately means I have the power within.
When you start out saying “I am” it is who you are. You are a soul, you are a person you are a consciousness, you are a name, you are divine. “I am” is also what you do, but it is not a label, it is who you are. “I am a Reiki Master” means that is who you are. You were given that at birth. Nothing will ever change that. It’s not just something that was given it’s who you are. Those abilities live in your soul. Yes, you can go to class, you can learn, or you can choose to view it as remembering. You can gain a certificate and yes it is something to be proud of, but having one or not having one never changes who you are. You were born with that and it lives in your soul. Time and space does not matter to when you being, only to you and your life plan. You have options as to when you want to begin and we as a whole of divinity would prefer you begin soon than later. It is much better for you as a person and much better for this world. It is much better a soul. It puts you in touch with your soul sooner on earth as your life plan. Being in touch with your soul means you are not so much in your mind. When you begin this earlier in life, you life does not become made of of mind thoughts only. When that occurs sometimes you will feel that is is more difficult to transition from mind to soul, from a mind thought life to a soul, soul life, soul plan. That is typically why the world says “the older you get, the harder it gets” Life becomes difficult when you live in a mind based thought life constantly. When you allow your soul to come in, we wish for an easier transition.
When you are born you are born though your soul with everything you need to know.  That is why as children you know yourself.  You know your name, you know who you are, you know where you came from, you recognize you are here upon earth.  You as a soul already know your parents, you know your family, you know the abilities you were born with, you know your connection to the angels, your own angels, you know God, you know creation and you know divinity.  A soul is born without fear, only love and looking forward to the positive life ahead.  You are kissed on your way and held in the most beautiful light.  When the mind forms, you need to remember you I Am Presence and never forget your soul.  Typically children do not do that.  And in reality they never do.  However, some experiences, the ones not mean for their soul affects their mind and sometimes their connection to their soul, affecting their I Am Presence.  When one goes into meditation it’s to quiet the mind and connect with their soul.  I see some people striving to connect with the divine not remembering how they are already connected and already there.  It’s the soul mind connection that has been divided.  It has been viewed as divided.  You are human, you are a soul, you connect with consciousness.  Consciousness is the light to help you remember.  To uncondition your mind and set an example for the future we are stretching our minds to connect with divinity.  It is a way to undo the past so that souls / children, who are born here do not lose their connection to their soul and more so that they do not forget that they are a soul.  To let go of a mind conditioned past, that is what we mean.  Ourselves, our parents, our ancestors.  Not all of them, however many have lived that way or have been viewed to have lived that way.  Many lived through their soul.  They never lost connection with it.  It many not have been talked about and many written ways about it seems to have been lost.  The truth lies within yourself.  Self.  The one thing you need.  We are here to build communities.  Communities to remember.  That is why I have created certain products for all generations.  For now and for the future.  Even if those products and creations are not needed for a soul, it is important.  We always want to feel good, we always want to remember where we came from.  That is why we are drawn to certain things in this lifetime.  We are human and we love where we came from.  The more we allow children to stay connected without disruption, the better everyone’s life will be.  For that to occur, you must remember yourself.  I remembered from my soul what would help.  I see meditation groups for children occurring.  That is what our souls would want for them.  It builds community.  Practicing the past that has felt forgotten in a mind controlled environment, feels good to a soul.  I have bracelets for sale that allow you to connect.  I remembered from my soul about the importance of yarn.  Yarn means unity.  Yarn unites you with the divine.  It reminds you of your divine self.  Yarn creates balance weaving together you spiritual and physical life.  It was the teaching of God, of Mary Magdalene, of Creation and the Divine.  Each bracelet is specifically color coded with special sacred messages.
They teach the children who have forgotten to remember.  They teach the adults to remember.  The show children and adults the power of divinity.  They remind children and adults the power of divinity.  They are inspiration, they are connection, they remind us of the fabric of life.
They can be worn on the wrist or ankle, they can be held, they can be used in meditation or yoga, or in times of stress.  They can be placed on your alter, your nightstand, under your pillow, in your purse, your pocket or your car.  Anywhere you instinctively feel it is needed.  I have over 60 different types, from God, to Goddesses, to Angel, Archangels, Masters and more.
Bracelets are available through me or through my shop on ETSY
Not all are listed on Etsy as of yet.

The Bracelet of The Beautiful Goddess Isis (on the left) and The Divine Sophia (on the right) Both full of wisdom and teach adults to children.  All of the Divine do.

Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael (left to right)


Chakra Bracelet 9

The special Chakra bracelet for Balance, Health and Wisdom

*To learn more about these bracelets or anything else, please send me a message.

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Heather Maria is a High Priestess, Shaman, Reiki Master, Divine Feminine Author, Writer, Poetess, Photographer, Creator of Holistic Care and Wellness Products and packages as well as a soon to be Published Children’s Author.  She is an intuitive empath who has a passion for healing, inspiration and helping others. Her energy work and art creates balance for the world.  She works specifically with the mind, body, spirit and soul.  She has a sacred connection to the Divine which allows for deep insights.  Intuitively gifted since birth, she is a natural healer who teaches about life and all the possibilities within. Her healing art touches lives across the world.
August 2019



4 thoughts on “I Am Presence, the power of soul and the power of divinity

  1. A beautiful blog. “I am” is to remember the truth of who we are. Thanks for your words of wisdom Heather through Archangel Michael.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lisa, I just posted another powerful one from Mary Magdalene if you would like to read it. Feel free to share if it resonates with you 💗

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I try to be careful of how I use the words “I am.” I try not to use them in the negative, such as “I am sick, I am not talented, I am unloveable.” It’s like denying the gifts that God gave us at birth.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great perspective, thank you for sharing


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