March 2nd Re-evaluation phase

We are in a re-evaluation stage
Ra & the Goddesses especially Isis are particularly important. We are evaluating things from sources.
On 2-22, 22 portals opened they remained open on and off for a week, they closed on Friday. During that time a lot of information was passed back and forth to Heaven & Earth. Information has been exchanged and the re-evaluation process began this weekend. With those portals closed that information is now being evaluated on Source so that it can be correctly processed without the continuous exchange of information. The ultimate goal from source is to bring humanity back to a reality based consciousness. One without detrimental illusion which is also false damage. Too much misinformation has been passed. Ra has particularly become aware from her beautiful intelligent perspective that heaven is often misused. Information has been collected & while the portals main purpose was to give to this earth, through the wisdom of the creator & Isis, the portals allowed people to talk & we listened intently with wisdom. It is more clearly understood what is happening. Re evaluation processes happen often, this one was a huge one. It recognized the more need of Source. In evaluation the beauty of this earth only sustains for so long. it can sustain our mind, body, spirit & soul but when reality seeps in we see what is wrong. There has been a long of perspective view of balance being the answer but that is not entirely sustainable. That is not where we are and not where we were at. There is much misinformation and misinterpretation of information. We need to evaluate the consciousness situation, for if we as a whole are not well, we are not well. What is working and what is not working needs to be re evaluated. There is a huge clearing this year. What has occurred since last November especially which was stated around August has been monumental. But in the eyes of source & her love for humanity that is not enough. We know we must continue to reevaluate. Allow this to occur for us.
Signed Hecate
Goddess of the Truth
Directly from Source


Divine Source Information

To read more about the portals see blog post


Heather Maria is a High Priestess, Shaman, Reiki Master, Divine Feminine Author, Writer, Poetess, Photographer, Creator of Holistic Care and Wellness Products and packages as well as a soon to be Published Children’s Author.  She is an intuitive empath who has a passion for healing, inspiration and helping others. Her energy work and art creates balance for the world.  She works specifically with the mind, body, spirit and soul.  She has a sacred connection to the Divine which allows for deep insights.  Intuitively gifted since birth, she is a natural healer who teaches about life and all the possibilities within. Her healing art touches lives across the world.
August 2019

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