Mirabella Bai day 59

Mirabella Bai
Channeled Message day 59
The melding of our souls.  5 and 9; change and completion. A completion of a cycle, and upgrade of certain way of life, a returning of what was hidden, a partnership in Divinity.  High Divinity.  That which is Supreme.  Patterns in the sky, I Mirabella produce the light.  The light shows the way through the tunnel, through realms of darkness creating patterns of light in the sky.  We bring to light that which was.  It brings forth truth and understanding in the light, bringing forth what was once hidden not only into the light but through the supreme darkness.  Supreme Darkness merges with the Light producing Faith.  It’s where Fate lies.  Your destiny, life path and soul plan are all part of your Fate.  Fate is not weary.  It is a formidable force.  It is a blueprint of your life yet it holds the key to your past; past lives.  It holds the key to your talents, to your truth, to your authentic pattern.  Your Faith produces a partnership with the Divine; a way to Divine Direction.  A guidance, a decree, a compass to your soul.  Born wise and born with all you need you are a keeper of light to show your way through the darkness.  Your spirit lies on solid ground while your soul is free.  You are Supreme Darkness and you are Supreme Light.  The supreme darkness of night to the dawn supreme; where the light meets day.  The energy is concise.  The pattern of the Universe from which were were born.  The Universe is built on patterns of divine decree.  And we are born of creation.  The light brings life to creation.  It is a specific pattern and when deviated from can cause delusion and disillusion.  A deviation from your soul pattern which breaks down the self and injures the spirit.  It dampens the soul with weary tear.  It causes tears in the mental pattern.  It causes unneeded heartache.  Under Divine Decree we assist in the law of the light.  It is Divine Council. Something that is produced here on Earth but typically never matched.  It is only for Masters.  It is the Chosen Ones.  There are few that are Masters at this time here on Earth.  You know them well for they live in your hearts.  There are guides, spirits and angels, and then there are Masters.  Those who reign the darkness and the light in a supreme way.  A way that Mother intended here upon Earth.  A reign so supreme it will bring Heaven upon Earth.
Mirabella Bai

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