Mary Magdalene day 62

Channeled Message day 62
Mary Magdalene
Today is the Eclipsed full moon, the Wolf Moon of January.  It is a time of peace and love.  This is what this specific full moon is about.  Peace…Love…and JOY.  A time of blessings.  What that entails is how to be of service, a time of compassion and virtue…a time of light.  The power within, to allow, to be at peace, to find your heart.  It is a moon in the sign of Cancer, the heart of emotions well balanced, well being all leading to peace…trust.  Meditation under this moon.  It will tell you tales.  It is passionate, talkative and introspective.  You will find insight with ease and grace.  It will be a peaceful time especially if you see it.  Devote to it.  Get reacquainted with yourself.  Do not listen to old tales of what it is not.  Many times the moon of full is thought to be erratic.  Sometimes it is thought to be something that it is not.  Tap into what it really is, through meditation, through peace, through your own soul, through the angels, through myself, and see.  See God for what God is, pure energy and pure love.  Jesus was blessing in that energy, in that light.  It is a time honored tradition birthed.  It carries through the Universe including and especially this Earth. We are pure energy and we are pure love.  Don’t look at it any other way.  Don’t look at yourself any other way nor look at another any other way.  Offer everything peace.  Stay with that energy and stay with that emotion.  Even if you find something difficult, always find peace.  Go into your heart, go into the heart of the moon, the heart myself and the heart of Jesus.  Talk to us, talk to God, talk to nature, talk to Love.  The air itself is full of it, of us…of Love.  Disembark on a journey to find what is real.  Through ease and peace and grace it is not difficult.  Lock that into your mind, your body, your spirit, your soul and your heart.   Allow your hands over your heart and feel how that feels.  Your hands and heart are of Grace.  That grace fills your mind, it fills your body and it fills your soul.  The movement of Grace.  Men and Women.  Grace.  No anger, no ill fated intentions, no wrong destiny, no wrong choices.  It is a High Priest and High Priestess time of life for those who understand.  We are Saints, we are Masters, we are Gods, we are Goddesses, we are beings of light…we are spirits of the Universe, spirits of the Earth and spirits of the Heart.  The Heart of God and the heart of ourselves.  And that resides in the Heart of the Universe.  Feminine and Masculine, the heart, a melding of the twin.  We are of air, we are of dust and we are of fire.  Passion and Compassion equals Life.  It is the only way to Be.  Be present, be open, be honest, be Grace.  Ease of movement, ease of Grace, ease of Peace and Love.  No one is excluded.
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