Isis day 63

Channeled Message day 63
You are the Star.  There is a Fire and there is a Light. Much will be revealed this year. Revel in your sweetness, revel in your abandon.  The light of the Dolphin’s shine.  We are of This and we are of That.  Philosophy.  Do not take life too seriously and allow spirit to enjoy…which makes for better fluidity.  The Dolphin spirit calls for freedom.  You are the beauty within.  You are right where you need to be to move forward. What matters is your heart.  You are the star and you are whole.  You need nothing and no one to make a difference in your life, only you. What you will choose is in the highest for yourself which is in the highest good for all.  That is what equals Oneness.  Great minds recognize this, now it is up to you, you are one of those great minds, recognize this.  Peace is here as the dove flies high, you feel it, now is the time to open to God’s mind.  Listen to your heart and listen to your spirit…it never lies.  Spirit wants what is best for you, always. Live and let live…move away from what does not belong.  Trust in the plan.  The Universe has your hand and you may take it.  Your star will guide you.  Angelic stars and angelic beings.  Archangel Raphael is the healer, the philosopher.. he is the wind.  He knows greatness, he knows the way.  God guides through the night with the light.  We are the healers.  We have a magic and we have a mind.  We come from a higher state.  Evolution of 2020.  We are the creators.  We and We alone create peace.  Peace is a space.  It is a place from which everything is born.  A place to go inside and be real.  On day 63, nine is the sign of completion as we enter a new stage.  The moon is full and the eclipse has removed the shadows so there is nowhere to hide yourself.  You must be open free and honest.  Today is 1’/11 and we meet at the summit, the Monolith, it is the totality, it is the Oneness you are searching for.  As a society we are one massive rock, a steady mountain.  We are areas on this Earth to come together as one.  Every inch of this spear of light.  And on this day we offer you this; above all we are love, we are one, and we must love each other as such.  Do not do a disservice to yourself or to others.  I am Isis and we are One.
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