Innana day 57

Channeled Message day 57
Innact the power within.  Holy and Sacred there is nothing to hide.  It’s a transformation and a trust to take a leap of faith guided by the light and by the high heart.  Be married to the light.  A synchronicity from grace to life  A purity.  A rise from the ashes.  Syncing top to bottom, left to right, above and beyond.  The depths of our soul and the sweetness of mind.  We call on our strengths.  It is a cosmic virtue to dance in the light.  See what is near and what is far. Nothing is beyond reach.  Cosmic dreams turned into reality.  Dancing with one’s soul to fill ourselves with love.  Caressing our path with provision.  In depth creating comfort for one’s mind.  Nurture the options you are given.  Open your mind to receive.  New opportunities are given daily.  New adventures, new perspective, a new vision.  Something for you to take.  Take a look at what change offers you.  It offers you Heaven.  All you need to do is receive.  Create not just a life that you would want or one that you need, but one that you are destined for.  We are all destined for greatness.  Take a look at what that means from the depth of your soul to the height of your heart.  Process what that means.  There is no mistrust when you tell the truth.  The truth always has a light around it, it is certain to reflect back at you in order to resonate.  Never feel fear, never hide and never ignore the truth for it is the light.  Look at what you see.  Look at who is the teller.  You will see their light and you will see the truth.  If you question it, ask why.  It gives you the option to open up either to the truth and to the light or to guidance.  Ignorance is not bliss.  Assumptions cause harm.  Ask questions but think before you speak.  The answer may already be there.  Respond in kind always with the beauty of your soul for which there is only love.  Love is the one supporting energy.
August 2019

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