Diantatis day 60

Channeled Message day 60
We crack the energy of the universe here at a high vibrational state.  Evening mass is at 11pm as we pray the rosary and the beads of light.  During this time we dissolve the sins of man through the totality.  The Totality is the Completeness of Everything.  It reigns under the Creator.  The creation of the Divine and overseen by the Mind of God.  A hierarchy, an arch of faith, the right hand of God, the band of brothers, the realm of saints and the ways of Jesus.  Archangel Gabriel created a way through to the hierarchy, a way for Jesus to obtain a way to Earth.  The Earthly Realm of Totality.  A completeness, a wholeness and a wholesomeness of Faith produced in the minds of Men, Women, Children and all creatures large and small through the Mind of God to which is the totality and the completeness.  Bringing in the highest vibrational state is the ultimate gift one can give to one’s mind.    True justice is love and compassion and that of the neither nor and nothing else.  Holy Justice is love, True Justice combines it with compassion.  There is a sacred passion for this virtue.  Justice put in the light is true.  Compassionate commitment shown on this Earth in the form of man in the form of Jesus, Mary and Mary.  The compassionate commitment of a man, a mother and a High Priestess, Angel of Light Mary Magdalene, a true bride, twin soul, divine complement to Jesus, in her mind, in her heart and in her soul of that lifetimes which continues through eternity.  The values instilled in a soul remain forever never wavering in those of a Master.  When you chose the side of a Master within you, you choose your Destiny, you follow your path, you crack the Universe, you enforce your unique code.  Individual and Authentic.  The line of the Divine.  We of Masters and that of Divine Decree show you the way.  You are here for a reason.  When you speak to us directly, the truth is instilled.  It is something to meditate to and to journal upon.  It opens up your mind to your heart and your heart to your soul which lead to the connection to the Divine, the Supreme Divine who are the eyes of Everything.
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