Danu day 58

Channeled Message day 58
Goddess Danu brings new insight.
An new beginning.  Isis and Archangel Haniel opened a portal today.  Angel wings surrounded the moon as the light from the sun as it set produced an energy creating Heaven on Earth.  A sustainable creative energy.  A global union.  The portal opened up prayer, powerful channels of prayers.  The light invites you to create miracles through the power of prayer.  We are surrounded by God’s love.  When we interact with God’s love we transcend.  Connecting with the power of love surpasses anything.  We are a soul and we are in union with the Divine.  It is the most profound and radical act anyone can take, to breath in love.  Correct love and light will set you free.  Free from all constraints, free from yourself and what the world sees you as, free to be.  Freedom of expression, and freedom of what is hidden.  You are a creative self in a passionate world.  To shape your own self you must be true to the light.  Portals of light open to show through our density, to show us our destiny… the realms of love and support…that which is the Universe, Heaven and reigns of men that rule under the Goddess.. those whom are Masters.  The supreme of the Feminine Divine, is not only appreciated and protected, it is free.  Free in thought, free in movement, free in speech, free in the mind, the heart and the soul.   She is highly respected and never tamed for we as men and masters know she is always true to her soul.  The Feminine Divine, a Supreme Reign.  She is a world of creating, a portal of light.   Creating a light and a perspective making this world a better place.  Stars are to be woven placed beneath the feet to create the Divine here on Earth.  We are of the Universe and the Universe shines.  It shines a light so bring it will shape the world.  Opening portals of light is one way.  Showing the Divine Magic here on this Earth is what we are here for.
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