Coventina day 61

Channeled Message day 61
Goddess Coventina
Now is a time for purification.  The body of Winter is coveted.  Your body is sacred, it is a temple, as is your heart.  January and Winter is sacred, it is the most coveted month of the year.  Even if it is summer where you live, it is sacred.  A sacred time.  A time to health and wellness.  A time to enjoy.  It is the perfect time to wear Purple and Green.  My colors are Green, Purple and Blue.  Green is Immunity, Purple is Strength, Blue is Understanding.  Purity and purification bring in a sharp mind, a focused mind.  January; it is a time to trust yourself.  Affirm:  I trust my mind…I trust my body.  Within that I trust my emotions are balanced and healthy.  I am full of strength.  It is a time to focus on drinking more water, putting more intention into everything you do, raise your vibrational level and to focus on health and wellness in a positive way.  We as the Divine Realm ask that you focus on that until March 23rd, another powerful sacred healing day.  A day of Change.  During this time until March 23rd call upon the Sacred Saints and Goddesses.  This time holds which is coveted at Bat Energy and a Rebirth is quite Assured.  The Quest is Sacred.  The quest is that of spirituality and romance, never lost in illusion, always based in Divine Reality.  To know that we are not fooled.  The rebirth of the moon to full will show that.  It will assist.  The Full Wolf Moon.  Purification.  It leads to a time of Peace and to a time of Love.  Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.  It is brings a blessing and a cleansing.  For your mind, body heart and soul.  Carry this energy of January with you.  It is a time for time honored traditions and celebrations.  Remember to dance.  There is much joy to be had.  We are balanced…a Balanced Body; identified with water.  Be sure to drink more water, honor it as it honors you, even in the shower, bath, or as you wash your hands, wash your clothes and see the rain upon this Earth.  View it as nurturing and thank it.  We are gracious of its power, of its beauty.  It is sacred and so are we all.  A time to covet that.  Your thoughts, your beliefs, and especially your actions, they are all sacred, and they lie in a sacred text coveted by only you, the angels and known by God.  Journal upon this message, meditate upon it.  Trust the message will stay in your heart.  Covet yourself, covet one another and find your true love as well as your true passion.  The true you, head to toe, sky to earth, air to sun, a time of rebirth.

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