Anahita Mya angel and Goddess day 56 1-4-20

Channeled Message day 56
Anahita Mya angel and Goddess
High Vibrational thought process.  Words are important.  As is Personal Development.  Development from the soul not from the ego mind.  An egoic mind wants what it wants and it cannot see clearly, which makes it difficult for you to hear and see your soul.  To gain a different perspective watch your patterns.  See what it is that you can change.  As well as what changes you can develop into something formatiable.  High waters, high morals, the immaculate conceptions of the heart.  Think above.  A divine synchronicity will arrange your thoughts if you allow it.  Stagnant energy flows through middle earth.  When you stay there you feel stuck.  Not only do you feel stuck, you are stuck.  Think above.  Think Love, Think Grace, Think Life.  There are boundless energies emerging, boundless opportunities.  Clear out your mind.  Think from above.  Knowing that keeping your body clean keeps your mind clean.  It allows you to think clearly and not cloudy.  Old repetitive patterns repeat when we stay clouded.  Pay closer attention.  Drop down into your heart to listen, to think.  High Hearts are rising.  As the energies meld stay in your heart.  Stay in balance.  Step away when needed to clear your space, clear your mind and clear your heart if needed.  Love is rising.  Believe in what is true.  This life is beautiful if you let it.  Choose wisely.  Choose wisely you life, choose wisely your thoughts, your prayers, and your words.  Choose wisely.  Life is full of art and adventure, exploration and trust.  Believe in that beauty.  That beauty creates our world.  A world in which we want to live in.  Heart open spaces, safe sacred and natural.  Full of fluidity, kindness and joy.  Mountains, to valleys, to streets to waters.  A safe place to live void of violence, negativity and harm.  A place where we are safe.  Allow it to happen in you life, in your mind, and in your heart.  Meditate, pray, change your perspective.  Negative will only get negative.  Look deeper at a Divine Truth.  Love is divine.  It is the stainable.  The energy, the emotion, the thought to encompasses all that is needed.  Put your trust in that.  Love and all it encompasses creates change.  It allows us to see.  It allows us to hear.  Put your trust into loving energies, loving emotion, loving thoughts.  Within that you not only change a life, you change the world.
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