Tara day 53

Channeled Message day 53
The Goddess Tara encompasses a journey. Sometime she is known as or through colors. Today’s message is from White Tara. White is for spiritual journey. Her message is always Harmony. Her color coded blessed braided bracelet is made of 6 specific strands of yarn unifying the journey here on Earth. Here is her message.
Today is the beginning of a beautiful journey, one that has not been met before. On this journey you are becoming more aware. It is important to avoid harsh relationships, environments, situations, and chemicals. Be aware of the people you associate with, the things you choose to do and the foods you choose to eat and drink as well as anything you put on your body or in your surroundings. You are becoming more sensitive and in that way, more aware. The Divine has randomly and specifically sent these message over time to make you more aware. It is even more important now than ever. It is time to move forward into the light and knowing what your soul is capable of. You are important to this world. Everything you do and say makes an impact. It is time to be more aware of that. Remember it is not just about you, it is about the new you. How far can you stretch? Your soul knows this truth. Do not allow yourself to continue on the old path when you know better. What your soul wants for you is truly sacred and divine. And it is important not to stifle that, it will suffocate you. Don’t think about what the world will think, know the truth in your heart. Fear shows on your face, think about that. Be Yourself, Be your Soul Self. Last year was about authenticity, being your authentic self. It was a year of growth and expansion. Now it is time to BE your Soul. To live free. To show Yourself, to show your Soul. Everything you do makes a difference from negative to positive. Let go of anything with negative connotations. It is not supported.

Tara day 53.jpg

Divinely Blessed color coded bracelets to wear, meditate with, hold, place somewhere sacred or special.  Each holds a specific special energy.  Available for $17 plus shipping.

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