Rhiannon day 54

Channeled Message day 54
True Love and Trust
Magic and Majesty
Manifesting Dreams into Reality
Sorceress and Sorcery
Magical Moments of Past, Present, and Future
Horses, Unicorns, Dragons, The Moon
The Whispering of Trees, the Spirits of Night, Wishes, Dreams, and Visions of past, present and future colliding in Fate. If you think about your life, you will know. It has always been within you. Never be afraid to reach. The Olive Branch is always there – extended for you. Reach for God, Reach for the Angels, Reach for Goddess, Reach for Spirit, Reach for your Divine Love, Reach for your Soul. Reach within, Reach above, Reach below. That branch is always there. There is always a listening ear, always a forgiving heart, always a helping hand. It is what moves through you, through life. Find that adventure, find that magic, lose that fear. It matters not what other people think, life is in movement and this is a time for magic. A time to be Yourself. A time to let your Soul Shine.

Rhiannon day 54

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