Madalana day 42

Channeled Message day 42
The Goddess Madalana
We are all synchronistic beings weaving in and out of each other’s lives like Divine flow, while never being truly away. We are connected with each one of us having messages for the other in a synchronistic flow. Based on the value of one hand helping another, a guiding light, a guiding spark… The flow of creation. It’s a divine spark created through communication of value. Value what you say and value what you tell others. Value your mind enough to never want to cause harm to others. Always keep your words kind. Value the children, the future, the now, the way of life. Hold the present time in the highest regard. Show that in Grace. Honor your mind and value your thoughts enough to let them flow in a state of Grace and beyond. Allow them to take your through eternal wisdom and return more wise then when you started. The flow of the ethereal mind is always available and accurate. That wisdom is truth. As we ponder our thoughts we weed out what is ours and what is not. What remains is a stillness. And in that stillness it is God. It is the combination of the purest perception. It is truth. That which never lies. Never lie to yourself nor accept the lies from another. Go to the highest light if you are ever bothered. In that light lies the truth. Sit with it. You may ask it questions and you will receive answers from various sources. Be mindful. And be open to what it tells you, for it never lies. Misinterpretation is easy if you allow it to get in the way. Stillness is the cure. And to be Mindful.


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