Lalla day 37

Channeled Message Day 37
The Goddess Lalla
If we stop and think about it we live a poetic life. We continue to walk with the divine leading a life full of poetry. Every word, every stride we take, it is poetic. Through meaning, through sound and through rhythm. Written words come alive on the paper, typed words come alive before our eyes. Every word, every sentence, every thought, every question has magic, written, spoken and unspoken. Communication in the most divine way, the most poetic way. Songbirds sing and so do we. We all have a voice, we all have a tone. That’s what shows us apart from each other. Similar, but not the same. We are all unique. As you get to know all the Goddesses you will see how they are all unique. Similarities but unique. It’s poetic. Following the Divine is poetic. From Angels, to Saints, to Mystics, to those who have come before us, to Children, to Fairies, to Nature Beings and so on. Through dimensions, through realms. It is beautiful poetry. And nothing is more beautiful than that. We write, we speak, we move and it is through grace that gives us the most joy. Grace is poetry in itself. The only thing that comes before Grace is Love and Love stands with Grace at all times. You can’t have one without the other in the truest form. Think about how you speak to yourself, think about how you speak to others. Think about how you speak in your mind. Think about how you speak out loud. Those thoughts spill out into our atmosphere, into the Universe, across the world and are absorbed by others. They are energy. Think about how you speak to the Universe, how you speak to God, how you speak to the Angels. How you speak to Children, to each other, to strangers. Do so with grace. Grace is poetry, and when you do so, you will be more in sync with the Universe. Words are important, as is kindness. It creates a certain type of encouragement and inspiration. A quiet sense that the divine appreciate. So sing your song, write your words, tell your story, move in grace. See yourself in this way and you will be the happiest you have ever been.


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