Lakshmi day 39

Channeled message day 39
The more you allow yourself to be in that place of peace, the more real it becomes. The more you meet it with love, the more it remains. Focus everyday. Take some time for prayer, for meditation, to sit in silence. Light a candle, look outside, take a bath. Turn your eyes toward the sky. What do you see? It allows you to connect. The sky is the essence of who we are through manifestation. The Buddha energy is one of feeling. You have to feel it and let it in. It is one of peace, of love, of grace. It is compassion, it is trust, it is a heart that sees and knows all. To see it and to feel it one must first believe. When you let it in, it will change your life, it will change your world. Take some time to let that energy flow, to resonate, to sink in. Sit in your favorite yoga pose. Try sitting in child’s pose, head on floor arms stretched out above your head. Feel into it. In that moment, the truth is not forced, nor rushed or faked. Let that light in. Sit in child’s pose hands at side. When you sit with God, you sit with peace. Think about starting your day that way or any time you need to clear your mind. It will change your world. The light in my sees the light in you. Namaste. Lakshmi

Lakshmi day 39

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