Lady Portia day 48

Channeled Message day 48
Lady Portia
Clearing of light leading to the brilliance of life. A beautiful mind, a matching with life, a self realization. Life enhancing ideas. You can reach divinity in the realm of infinity. Reach for heights beyond. Drop the control and listen to your heart. This benefits us all. In all areas of our life. Times are changing and it is a beautiful space to see. A time returning. A Golden Light of past, present and future in Realms of Love. A time and space to reflect. Transformation and transcendence. Moving forward in the light of space through cosmic light of truth. Based on the blueprint of man, strength and true. Men, Women and Children alike. Strong minds, strong bodies, strong bonds. Faith laced in love. Time from a Mother God, blessed is she to be here. Holding the hand of Father balancing the sky, the God of Time, The God of Future, Mother Mind, Mother Soul, the Heart of the Divine, outstretched hands golden in light creating a nest. An eagle’s mind as it soars. Love ensues. The Freedom of Speech. The Guiding Lights circled in Divinity. Holding hands as a bond. Never leaving, never wavering, the unbreakable strength of a soul divinity. Touched from the sky, invested and divine. From sea to sand an eternal love for the world. Be blessed as skies open and you see. Visions of beauty. Lands returning. And wide open spaces.

Lady Portia day 48

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