Lady Nada day 47

Lady Nada

Channeled Message day 47

December 26, 2019, an infinite day of prosperity and abundance . A multi colored space of light in the cosmic rays of harmony, peace and love;
divine love, a prism, adding more light of purity entering a state of harmony and balance with support of the higher self your presence is adjusting to the light bringing pure thoughts with pure intent from a state of bliss in the cosmic rays, long overdue and with the intent to not be overshadowed. Feelings of bliss and happiness to dance in harmony. The sky of light. A brakening and an awakening. To return to an awareness of inner peace and outer bliss smiling with life. Allowing us to feel like we belong. We are not outsiders. Be the light and feel free to live in that space…the space and time of our light brought forth in a cosmic way full of colors of the spectrum do dance in the sun and to remain at night. A realm of the sky, of intrigue, of beauty. A golden light of heaven with God and the Archangels. Doubts and fears being washed away as we suddenly begin to live, under the truth. To be authentic is a pure state of intent, a pure bliss. To be one’s self. An outer and inner knowing. Brings this world to a state of harmony, a state of peace. Losing that of the past, that which does not resonate. That which is lost, not needed…a change of thought and processed differently leads to life. A blessing for change. Look forward to the new. An Aurora of Light with better blessings. Important for life and an expansive future. Life is open. Look to adjust and feel that expansiveness, that openness, that truth, that freedom. The path is lit with God’s light. It is a path of wisdom in the light and carried through the night on angel wings and the realms of the light in the sky.

Lady Nada day 47

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