Lady Hope day 40

Channeled Message day 40
Lady Hope
The Emerald Green light is a light of hope, faith, charity, wisdom, strength, health, wellness and prosperity. It fills the Universe. And it outstretches it’s hand to you as do we. Through the Mind of God there are many colors to connect with. A range of meaning and of feeling. Green connects with the Goddess Realm, it’s a prophecy and one of trust. Archangel Gabriel is my Twin Soul/Divine Counterpart. There is no higher trust. He embodies the true Divine Masculine. Highly respected, he is one to emulate. Think about what you’d like to become and what you want for your life. There is a saying that goes “If you cannot come to me as Divine, then do not come to me at all” Divine Counterparts are meant to bring out the best in each other. This is what he and I do for each other and that is what our wish for you. Together we embody Grace. It is not merely a perception it is the totality. Being Divine means being the embodiment of a state of Grace. It’s the twin soul existence and the state of oneness that connects us all through light and love, through time and space and through existence. It is what carries us through. It is what always has. The Divine Feminine the Divine Masculine and the intertwining togetherness encircling with trust. We make the world go round. Each one of us, Together.
In the photo is Gabriel’s Divine Bracelet. Purity, Prosperity and Wisdom It is meant to be worn, held or placed in a special place to embody his energy. Yarn means unity
It unites you with the divine and your divine self. It creates balance. It weaves together your spiritual & physical life creating a balance mind body spirit and soul. to create and embody your Divine Self. It’s one of mastery yet easily attainable.

Lady Hope day 40

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