Lady Faith day 41

Channeled Message day 41
Lady Faith
Cosmic Wisdom, the Soul is our Own. What we embody in our own state of Grace is ours. Ours to dwell in, ours to share. When we take the time to oneself, we have that much more to give to others. It is a generous light. One that gives and one that we receive from. In that realm, honor and respect is a must. When we stand up in appreciation it is a state of Bliss. Cosmic elements dance and flow. In that state of Bliss we receive and in that state of Bliss we are able to give. Our words flow properly, our thoughts are pure , our body movements are genuine, it allows our true personality to shine. The cosmos embodies the bliss of God. Blissful endeavours true to our own beings and true to ourselves. Growth is an important part of life. We ask that you do not interfere with your own or another’s. Continue to embody who you are and come together as one for the highest good and in the highest state. It is proof that a smile will change a life and that a conversation can start something beautiful. The Cosmos offers that wisdom, that inspiration, that consciousness to know right from wrong. Stand forever in that light as we under God stand forever for you. You are beautiful and so is your soul. Love, Faith

Lady Faith

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