Lady Charity day 46

Channeled Message day 46
Lady Charity
Lady Charity is the Twin Soul of Archangel Chamuel. She is also the 3rd in the ring of Hope and Faith. She is the Love that bonds. This is her message today.
There are miracles large and small. The birth of a baby, the rise of the sun, the movement of water, the movement of air, the breath of God, eternal through time. A love that was created and what was created out of love. This world was created with beauty. Something to behold. A Glory. Everything is a gift. Everything is special and everything has meaning. Jesus was a gift. He loves in a way that is difficult to put into words. And we was loved beyond anything, which not only allowed him but gave him the strength to do what he did. Though it all he kept his connection to God, never wavering. Never wavering in his connection nor to do what was right. His respect for God and what he was able to do for this world has stood the test of time. It shows through the lives of many. Mother Teresa, Saint Teresa, the list goes on and on. Hope, Faith, and Charity. A ring of fire and the glory of Love. We need love and Love in itself Needs to be Sustainable. We need love to sustain life. A Mother to a Father, a Father to a Son, A Wife to a Husband, A Husband to a Wife, a Soul, a Companion, a friend….a plant, an animal, all creatures large and small, created as equals. A thought to remember and honor always. Love is to be honored. Life is to be honored. And life is to be Cherished.

Lady Charity day 46

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