Kwan Yin day 52

Channeled Message day 52
Kwan Yin
That which is descending from the Universe is that which is of Love, only love, a pure genuine love to penetrate deeply granting a fulfillment. The vast open spaces of the portals of light, that which is intelligence. Filled with love and balance. Allow Intelligence and Grace to be two powerful words for you this new year. Filtering out the old bringing in the new and advanced. It pertains to old ancient wisdoms filtering out the unneeded, the unnecessary, the unfitting. It’s a clean up, a rearranging, an upgrading. Something better. The old alone does not satisfy the new. New is to be written. A blank page. An ancient wisdom to be drawn upon. To be used as a grace, as a pallet, as in inspiration, as intrigue, as a guide. But that which is of the past will not satisfy alone. The old cannot sustain the new. Old ancient traditions brought forth to blend with the now. It is a monumental shift of global action. This is for the world.

p.s. the braided bracelet is Kwan Yin’s and in the gemstone on this final day of 2019 is the Desert Rose Selenite.

Kwan Yin day 52


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