Kwan Yin day 45

Channeled Message day 45
Kwan Yin
Glory is not beyond our reach, nor is the truth and the understanding of life. Life is an adventure and it is made up of many adventures. Each one gives you opportunities, to learn, to grow, to explore, to be. To find yourself is the rarest thing in the world…sometimes. It is not “Life” that tells us to be a certain way but the remains of a society lost to hope. Without hope, we can have no change. Hope is the basis of where ideas come from. The idea to change is valued. Hope is cherished. And hope lends itself to faith which brings us understanding of the highest perspective. That which is God. God’s perspective was handed down to all of us. To have that deepest understanding is not only precious, it is perfection. It leads us in a way that allows us to be ourselves yet reminds to not be selfish. God is part of the plan. For this world to exist, that must exist. This life is precious. What you do with it can bring you the most joy in life. Glory is not beyond our reach. Touch base within and continue to explore. Listen and be compassionate. Offering love and forgiveness creates peace, a type that moves mountains. Create an adventure and move a mountain today and always. Love, Peace and Joy.

Kwan Yin day 45

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