Isis day 49

Channeled Message day 49
Saints and Mystics, a time returning. Climb the vine through your mind and reach God (Time). Sacred space. A pyramid of light at your Third Eye. A prism reflecting. A time to ignite the fire. Golden and red flame. Your vessel, fill it with…light and with truth. Your vessel is a medium to which you exist on this plain though gravity. Staying grounded does not mean heavy. Circling the realms of existence your energy is supported. There is a lightness, a new light. One clearly supportive of the mind, body spirit and soul. One that allows us to be while instructing us to act. It is inspirational and not only encouraging but it is doing. It is knowing and it is doing. It is an authentic state of balance. A Grace. A flowition. It is fluid. It is a stage of being. It is a change but not to be every changing as in chaos. It is the way of the Saints, it is the Way of the Mystics. It is a grace from before and a grace from beyond, to create a grace within and a grace around. It is filled with God. It is filled with Grace. It is filled with your Grace. It is filled with God’s grace. It is fluid. It is a time of natural balance. It is a Grace. Lights shall dance…lights dancing…energies in a healing motions, to circulate the air we breathe into balance, into grace. God’s light, God’s grace… A Kingdom of Heaven. The beauty bestowed upon us in the most delightful way. Crossing plains through our mind, body and soul. A time returning. The realization of that. The deepness, the vastness of that which only few have experiences on deeper levels being brought forth for all to enjoy. The immense clearing that has occured to the willing of humanity even want to experience it was only part of the depth of why this has occurred. Being brought forth is the immense light. It is a monumental change in the vastness of time, in the depth of life…it is a way to live freely.

Isis day 49

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