Goddess Mother Mary the Angel of Light day 44

Channeled Message day 44
Goddess Mother Mary the Angel of Light
Rose petals and moving forward. The scent of a rose and the offering of peace. Willows swaying softly in the wind as guardians protect. The soft nature of light. Eternal Love. The rose walks in grace. It walks along the Thin Red Line of Mary Magdalene that connects us all. All she ever wanted for you was Virtue and what that encompassess. She carries the Rose for you. It is December 23rd, 2019 and we are nearing the end of a decade. We have brought to you shadows of the dark to the reigning of the light. It is your choice as to where you go. We send you continued love. We ask that you emerge to who you are and that you walk in grace. The offering of a Rose. Buy yourself one and let it talk to you. Any color you choose. Or ask your angels to choose one for you. Visit your local flower shop and see where you are guided. See how life is represented. Then offer that to another. It is a gift giving season but most importantly is is important to offer our love. Keep that in mind as more portals of light are opening. We ask that you take the time to sit in peace. Honor this time and honor your time with those you love and those who love you, including yourself.

Mother Mary day 44

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