Emery day 38

Channeled Message Day 38
The Goddess Emery
The word of the Day is Transcendence. And the color is green. Growth, awareness, great knowledge and understanding. In the quite moments we rise in the quiet moments we shine. We are here to shine our light. Merlin and Archangel Raphael bring that soothing comfort, those peaceful moments to sit with ourselves. Quiet interludes where we find our breath. And in our breath we find life. Grace, joy, beauty, wonder. Today the number 17 brings in the new. It holds gratitude. Awakenings in humbled grace represented by Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel. Peace by Archangel Michael. The simplicity of life for you specifically. It doesn’t mean you aren’t busy but what you do is within comfort at a pace that is tolerated and significant to you. Dream and desires manifested. Blocks removed. Hearts opened. Portals of light appearing. A change occurring. A significant one. Tune in. Recalibration. Heart significance. Stay in gratitude and you will see. Forth coming significant change.


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