Artemis day 50

Channeled Message day 50
Among the tree tops and mystical mountains there are climbing vines swirling with love… there is a oneness. A place where the stars dance. Their origination of energy is shared with us on various plains. The “veil” thins so that the earth plain dances. Mary and Jesus… a time of red velvet skies. The Passion of All Time. A perspective misconstrued by some yet always the truth seen though the light. A time of Love. The importance of¬†connectedness. That which stretches across space and time. To the water’s edge an open space, a clarity, either a blank page, or that which has been written. An aura of light written, or being wrote. Be it a page, a chapter, or a book. Visit it often. At the edge of the water is where is becomes clear. The skies dance within the sacred ethereal space. It’s a vision in your mind or an actual physical space where you stand… or even both. Whereas nature takes you to those places and depths… in visions and in physical space. The combination of being in the physical space of nature while envisioning the ethereal sight in your mind, though your vision, through your 3rd eye and beyond, as there is a vastness… and openness, to see, to feel, to touch. It allows us to create. It allows us to plan in the sacred space of the light where there is a balance not caught in emotion, nor void of it either… it just is. It is Just and it Is. It exists therefore you are able to be. You can sit with yourself in time, with space and throughout space as well as in no space. It creates a sense to be. To be human.

Artemis day 50

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