Artemis day 43

Channeled Message day 43
Plants and animals are like the oxygen we breathe. Nature’s sunlight given to us through the realm of God and Creation. The fruitful tree of a natures nymph, Mother God and life. The life of the Divine as it sparkles through her eyes as she holds the hand of God, her Divine. Creating balance and a bond. Realizing what we need is a gift. Dual creation with the ultimate energy. An infinite light of the ultimate love. A vision and a view. All of creation is honored and all of creation is blessed…all of creation is sacred. We have given birth to that which exists through God’s eyes the eyes of the highest mindset, the eyes of the divine. It’s an eloquent design. A creation of art and style based on the infinite, existence and eternity. Man must return to that mindset in order to find that honor and respect. Earth must not be ruined, plants and animals not taken for granted, human life valued. Intelligence is beautiful. Sincere compassion deserves respect. Honor another’s life. To not do so devalues not only God, but existence. Love saves us. Look through the eyes of Love to begin. Love is God, Love is Life, Love is You, Love includes all. It is all inclusive, all accepting and all that really is. It always shines.

Artemis day 43

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