Alisandra day 55

Channeled Message day 55
Live from your soul. The power of your soul is a prayer that will bring you back to life. The innate beauty within the golden magic. The glow on your face, on your hands. Precious in the way it emanates. Soul Glow. The beautiful embers coming together to form a life. Your soul glistens in the sky for you are part of the Universe. The vast openness of One. Full of stardust and moonbeams, tidal waves and the solar sun. Planetary movements to move your soul. Felt deep within our hearts. That essential love that allows us to fall in Love over and over again with the Universe, with God, with the Divine, with ourselves, with our soul, with our twin, with our companions – ethereal, human and creature. There is no depth that God cannot go. There is not place God cannot touch. No limit to God’s depth of Love. True freedom resides within. You will never truly be free until you find it. Take care of your heart…take care of your soul. There is no other way.

Alisandra day 55

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