Ming day 35

Channeled Message day 35
The Goddess Ming
I am Divinely protected.  When you stand in your light, your portal of light, you are.  Nothing from the outside human world, nothing from within can negatively affect you.  You are that light.  You are that light for yourself and you are that light for the world. When you connect with the four directions as in the previous message you find balance and you find your light, the light.  And that is powerful in itself, but it is so much more.  When you want to make a change, stand in that light.  When you want to think, stand in that light.  When you want to meditate, stand in that light. That light will always bring you the clarity you need.  It’s the space where ideas are born.  It also gives you that quiet space to hear your higher self, to hear God.  Always remember to sit in your light.  At times you may encounter something that may be viewed in darkness, but remember that it never really is.  It is always light, there is always light, no matter what, light exists.  When you stand in your light, stand in the light you will see clearly.  When you encounter an event or a thought, go to the light and ask it.  You will find a higher perspective there.  In a rush rush world we want answers.  Give yourself space and time to receive them.  If you need to sit for a moment before you respond, sit in the light.  Let it bring you the clarity you so richly deserve.

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