Holy Amethyst day 33

Channeled Message Day 33
Holy Amethyst
When you clear your levels of consciousness you allow God to enter.  There are aspects of God.  Regardless of how you see it, it is the Mind of God.  Within that mind of God there are many realms and it is where the pure Divinity lies.  God’s consciousness fills the Universe, the Galaxy and the Cosmos.  We and our Earth are part of that Universe, Galaxy and Cosmos.  We are not separate.  There are many many beings that exist.  They are Divine.  They reach from gemstones to God and all in between.  We are are looking for Freedom. We are looking for ways to connect without anything to separate us.  Nothing to separate us from the Mind of God on down. Everyone works together.  In the human realm, at some point time a space emotions developed that were not natural to our state.  Competition and Judgement are a skewed sense of perception. Being individuals we all bring a sense of ourselves to this world.  No two people are exactly alike.  Twin souls and the realm of Divinity example for you to follow and to help you remember.  When you have the knowledge of what really and truly exists it is a shining example.  Twin souls were created as one yet each brings to the table new and fresh ideas, similar but not always exactly the same.  One helps to fill in the other.  That’s how this world works.  We see how people isolate themselves and shut themselves off to others for reasons not natural to your state of being.  We are all teachers in our own right and we all have a story to tell.  Let us all remember that and never be afraid to shine.
Holy Amethyst day 33

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