Goddess Danu day 34

Channeled Message Day 34
Goddess Danu
On Thursday December 12th, 2019 the ISIS portal opened up.  As many portals continued to open and could be seen and felt across the world.  Isis led the way.  If you pay attention to the sky you can see it, day by day.  If you pay attention and take in our atmosphere you will feel it.  It is like the breath of water.  Heaven on Earth.  The Universe is a lovely place to exist.  If you listen to the harmonic melodies, the energies, the beings you will hear it’s ways of chatter.  It is cute, it is funny it is always helpful.  They speak in ways that is adorable.  Many times people put the thought of knowledge and wisdom in a type straight forward thought that gives it no space or room to breath.  While that way can be helpful it can lead to a mundane way of living, a mundane existence.  The Universe and us would like you to see further, with more depth.  To open yourself up to the beauty of what is available, to what exists as a whole and in many ways.  It’s to think outside of the box and to remember that in actuality, there is no box, there never was.  There are wide open spaces, everywhere.  We give thanks to the East, to the West, to the North and to the South.  Each one creates space and in the center is a portal of light.  You can stand where you are facing East.  You can do this in your home, in the middle of your yard, or any place that calls you.  If you think about the directions, you are now that portal of light.

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