Goddess Apollonia day 36

Channeled Message day 36
Goddess Apollonia
Today we ask that you focus upon any energy that isn’t yours.  Clearing your energy and protecting it so no other energy can enter.  Sit in meditation and clear your mind.  Focus on forgiveness.  Many times our mind takes on things and that can become an overload to our systems.  A mind likes to be cleared.  It needs to be cleared.  It needs that space for many reasons.  Ask that your mind, and your space be cleared. Focus on forgiveness, forgiveness for the past.  We forgive those who trespass against us.  When we offer forgiveness, it allows that which does not exist to no longer exist.  We choose to take a higher path and offer forgiveness to create space.  Lean into God, into Mother Mary, into Jesus who can always offer the most forgiveness in the most comforting way.  They embody a special energy, a special wisdom.  Their soft gentle voice filled with love.  It is with great compassion, it is needed in this world, and forgiveness gets us there.

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