Kali & The Levels of Consciousness 12-11

Channeled Message Day 32
We are implementing higher levels of consciousness.  The old must be released so that the new can enter.  We are at a final stage.  This year marks an end to many things and is going to open so much beauty.  A range of perception is being arranged.  Of clarity.  One that has never been brought forth in it’s truest form.  Eyes are opening to the real realm of Divinity and what they can do.  Nothing has ever been more clear.  Divine beauty defies logic.  Divine beauty of the Earth, of the Universe, of our Mind.  It’s the perfect Supernova.  The Sanctuary of all time.  A place where one can live void of what we can live without.  A perspective based on clarity and harmony.  Raised to the level that has not existed in human form.  It is based on a level that humans were able to connect with but it never stayed in the human level of consciousness due to the lower level of consciousness.  It was an ongoing battle.  It has been transformed and re worked so that it will work with a human’s consciousness.  It allows us to receive the best out of life in all ways possible.  To be able reach Divinity and Divine Ways like it was never able to be reached before.  It’s a gift and so it shall open us up to ways abroad, above and beyond.  The existence of time is for us as well as the depths of understanding.
Kali 12-11
** The Goddess Realm is open to offer assistance.  2020 is offering people new opportunities.  As we offer suggestion, advice and information to the world we offer it personally to you as well.  Please see this post for the Goddesses offerings and a month by month invitation.  https://heathermaria123.com/2019/11/06/new-offerings-from-heaven/
A look into 2020

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