Goddess Frieda / Freya Day 30

Channeled Message Day 30
Goddess Frieda / Freya
The Charity you give from your heart changes the lives of many.  Money, time, energy, it is helpful in the lives of others.  This is a world of oneness.  Yes I said WORLD.  Because we are ONE.  No one is excluded due to race or otherwise.  Spreading that message alone is what is important.  It’s the division that has been created across lines of time that was always false.   We are not separate in any way shape or form.  In the end of it all we are all the same.  You could like red and I could like blue, we are still the same.  We are all individuals walking the same path.  We all have a life to live.  We are all to be respected.  Why do we look at others as if they are so different?  No matter what walks of life you come from your heart is the same, don’t separate that.  Don’t be somebody because you think the “world” told you to be that way.  It’s not.  Society got corrupted.  It is time for real change.  This life was built on Diversity.  Read that again… If we stop the division, if we stop the separation, if we stop excluding others, if we stop seeing people differently, life changes, the world changes, the false fear dissolves.  Open your heart.  Think about how lives are stolen every single day.  Think how lives are affected every single day  because somebody thinks they are right and somebody thinks they are wrong.  We were put on this earth Together for a reason.  To live as one peaceful nation, one peaceful world.  Think about it being time to stop the way the negative trails of history has followed us.  Let’s not let it haunt us anymore.  We are bound for a bigger and brighter future but we Cannot keep repeating the past.  All the ways that have held us back.  You Have to let it go.  I am speaking from the Top on down.  Leaders of our Nation.  Hear us Now.  A change in society  is a means to and end for all this hate.  Put love back into this world, into your hearts, into your minds, and spread that message.  Use that LOVE to make a Real Difference.  Just stop and think.  Stop and think before you do something, before you say something.  Find that best perspective.  To the Leaders of our Nation, do what is right for everyone not just a group or groups of people.  Do what God intended.  When you hear that, you will know what it is.

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