The Beautiful Goddess Jeannine

Channeled Message Day 29
12-8-19 Goddess Jeannine meaning “God is Gracious”
Self care.  You are important.  How you take care of yourself and how you allow yourself to be taken care of is important.  Sometimes we close ourselves off to that.  Think about what God would want for you.  You are so appreciated in this life.  There is a need to be appreciated.  And a want to show appreciation.  It is about allowing yourself to receive that because you are not insignificant, what you do is not insignificant.  You are appreciated every day of your life from Heaven on down.  God, Heaven and the Angels as well as you loved ones who have crossed over use special ways to show you that.  They guide earth angels to assist you.  To encourage you.  To show you honor.  You are loved.  You are asked to never close yourself off to that love.  Knowing that what you do for yourself is never selfish.  Knowing that it comes from a special place.  A special place inside your mind, inside your heart, inside your soul, and even inside your spirit.  It comes from those you love and those who love you.

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