Dana ~ Day 28

Channeled Message Day 28
Kindness, Love and Support.  We ask you to think about your meaning in life.  How you give to others.  Your charitable contributions and what that means.  Your time, your heart, your mind.  How you share yourself with others and what you give.  We stand in appreciation in all that you do.  Always give yourself credit.  Give yourself credit for what you contribute to this world.  No matter how big or how small it may seem, it is always significant.  What you say, how your say it and how you share yourself is important.  The world always needs you and you need it.  It gives to us the things that are most important.  We receive so that we can give.  We receive from the infinite, we receive from life.  And we give back.  It is our choice how we do so.  In many ways, in all ways, in small, in large, in increments.  What’s important is that we give and that we acknowledge that.  We are here for a reason.  Many of us know and see the future.  In order to make it a better place we know what to do.  It may not always be “perfect” but it’s never “wrong.”  You can never make a wrong decision.  There might be a better one and one that is more significant but a start is a start and your guiding light will always show you the way.  The light will always do that.  No matter what, do something.  And know that no matter what, you are doing something.  Nothing is ever insignificant, nothing.  You make this world a better place just by being here.  Always know that.  Please know that it’s important to share yourself and your story, your life, what you’ve been through, what your dreams are, what you wish for, it’s all significant.  As above so below.

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