Isis ~ Prayers for the World

Channeled Message Day 27
The Goddess Isis
Today and everyday we stand in solidarity.  Solidarity within the Divine and solidarity with humanity.  None of us like talking about evil, but we know you see it everyday.  Call it what you want but we call it the Devil and today we pray for it.  It’s not something we like talking about but many of you have asked to pray.  Today we pray for the devil so society can return.  “Dear Devil, I pray for you.  I pray for all the sins you created, for it is not humanity who has created sin, it is you.”  I pray that it be released from the minds of men, the reigns of children and the skirt tails of women.  There is nothing out there stronger than love and we ask that it return in full force.  We as human kind is stronger than this.  The Devil cannot exist if we do not let it.  We pray for it’s soul and we pray for its mind.  I pray in the name of God and in the name of Jesus that none of us ever have to be bothered again.  I bear witness to my soul that it be released for eternity.  It created a living hell for many people.  It is no longer the time to walk around it or with it.  Pray for it to be over.  Pray for this time to end.  So that we have peace.  The peace on earth we deserve.  God is all loving, God is kind.  We wish for this earth to return to the all loving planet God created.  Please help us do that.  If you listen close enough we can’t force you to change.  But we ask you in many different way every single day.  We not only work we pray.  We pray for humanity.  We pray by ourselves, we pray together, and we pray with God.  God prays for you and God prays with you.  The Devil wants to call you a sinner.  We call you “affected.”  We pray for people and their minds no matter who they are.  If you pray even a few minutes a day it’s helpful.  We so desperately want change and we know you do as well.  Anything we can do to accomplish that, let us do that.  Be well now and always.
Love, Isis… which stands for “I Stand In Solidarity”  because we do.
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