The Goddess Danu Transmission – Guardian of the Faery Races – by Steve Nobel @ Ashtar Comman Crew

This is really beautiful and peaceful for anyone who wants to listen to it.
“Anchoring the energy into your heart”

I’ve felt Danu very strongly the last 2 days. Especially today as I drove home along the water watching the waves. She has a very strong presence and all day I felt she had something to say.

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The Goddess Danu is an earth goddess who was also known for her qualities of inspiration, intellect and wisdom. She is also known as a warrior Goddess. Her name was associated with flowing water.

She was worshiped in Ireland before the advent of Christianity that eventually banished the healing-wisdom ways of the Old Religion. Danu is the protector of the Faery People, the Tuatha Dé Danann, which translates as the “People of the Goddess Danu”.

The Tuatha Dé Danann are a high frequency race that were also known as the Shining Ones. (Please note the Faery Races are not to be confused with elemental nature spirits. The Shining Ones are not one race but many and some are much taller than human beings.

Some of them resemble to some degree the Elvish Race as depicted in the Lord of the Rings.) As the earth descended in frequency…

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