Danu God and Love

Channeled Message Day 26
Goddess Danu
There is nothing out there stronger than love.  And through love we give our prayers.
As the waves roll through our mind, we are sweet and serene. The waters of faith are perceived through our minds.  With prayer we open our hearts and our minds to a God so faithful.  As you see the waters of faith stretched out though the lines of time onto this earth.  Befallen we will not be.  As the waters recede we drift back into space.  It encompasses a circle of beauty, trust and love.  As we open to this we expand beyond the lines of time.  Getting to know a God so very few know.  We bear witness to the realm of existence created by God’s beauty, love and understanding.  What it encompasses is a way to speak through the lines of time. To the hearts and minds of all men, women and children.  If you could see my heart and mind the way it expands it excludes no one.  And that is the way I see God.  There is no where God is not.
May my heart and mind expand to the ends of the earth.

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