Lakshmi Life, Truth and Honesty

Channeled Message Day 25
Ask the truth and it will tell you in one way or another.  Remember that Life loves you.  It loves you in every way and in all ways.  “Tell me or show me what I need to know”  Life will always tell you the truth.  Life is very personal to you and your truth is very personal to you.  You can choose to stay with that truth or not.  When Life shows you the truth, it’s the truth.  When you know this truth you can choose to move on.  No one needs to sit in an illusion.  Sometimes we choose illusion to manifest what we want.  Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes we stay stuck in the past.  Sometimes we want to recreate the past which at times can be beneficial.  However life will really tell you the truth if it is possible or not.  And you need to listen because when you don’t, you get stuck in misery chasing something that isn’t yours.  Life changes and people change.  It’s unfortunate but it happens.  God is more powerful than anyone ever knows.  God will always tell you the truth.  God is life, and you can look at it that way as well.  God can change things for you but Life doesn’t always listen.  It is those who are humans, who are people that don’t always listen.  You can sit with that and let it register the way it needs to for you.  But don’t be sad, because you are stronger than that.  We as women know that sometimes men falter.  You can’t force a man to be with you nor should you chase him.  Don’t spend your time waiting.  You have too much life to live.  Honor and respect yourself enough to know that.  There are a lot of men out there that just aren’t good for you.  Maybe you feel that way.  Maybe it was once that way thought his soul in this lifetime or lifetimes past but it’s just that, it’s a soul not a human living in this “Real World”.  We all make choices.  And that goes for women as well.  Know yourself and know where you belong.  It’s not always easy but when you choose yourself it is.   Don’t feel that you need that “white picket fence to be happy.”  If you want it and it finds you that’s the most wonderful thing there is sometimes.  However know your self and know your don’t NEED it.   So don’t feel like you have to go around chasing a ghost or chasing around to find the “love of your life” for any reason what so ever.  Love is very very important.  But we see you out there.  Those who don’t care.  And God is putting a stop to that.  Don’t ever feel like you have to find someone to make you feel complete or make you feel whole.  You will know if this is meant for you if it registers/resonates.  You are perfect the way you are.  You don’t need to change for anyone.  Life itself will fulfill you.  You have a destiny and a reason to be here.  Don’t let the monkey chatter of your mind tell you otherwise.  It can try to trick you and deceive you.  God knows better.  God sees and hears everything.  And if you listen, so will you.  We always wish you wellness.  Come to us if you ever need anything.
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